Why “BbSis”?

People often ask me why my nickname is BbSis. And I always end up smiling at myself with the sweet memories of a long time ago.
There was I, a tiny fifteen-year-old girl starting a new semester at school. That year we had few new students in the classroom. As it was a small school, there was only one class per grade. And in one of the new students was a person who would become a very important person to me.
If I remember well, the first time I really talked to her was when I went to deliver a hairclip she had forgot a day before. Me and a friend were left behind in the classroom and I noticed it on a table in one of lasts in the line. As I was a very observant girl, I remembered it was from one of the new girls. I don’t know, after that we just clicked and became fast friends.
One day, she said I reminded her of her big sister. After that, she started to say I was her little sister. And started to call me Baby Sis. Pronunciating fast sounded like BbSis. And I started to call her Big sis. But Big Sis is not so soundly as BbSis, I shortened to just Big.
As today is Big’s b-day, I decided to make this post in her honor. Now, she lives in another country. She is, and will be, always in my heart. I deeply love her. And I miss her as much as my love for her. So Big, happy birthday! I wish you all the happiness in the world; that all your wishes come true.
Sometimes I wish we could talk more often, but I know we both have our lives to carry on, without much free time.
I will always remember fondly every moment we had together. I treasure them all. And I sincerely hope that we will make much more in the future.
I love you, Big. Please, always remember that!


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