Travel’s diary


This is the second and last day of my travel with mom and an old lady friend. We came to pay a visit on a boy who got his back operated. We arrived at lunch time and ate brought food. After a nap, we went to stroll at the city stores and a shopping. I end up get an orange jeans! When we got back home, we ate our afternoon snack! And I end up playing PS3 with boy’s older brother. He made me play Silent Hill Downpour. We played overnight and at 7 am or so we closed the game. I only made one side quest but at least I could see one of the ends of the game. He told me I got a bad karma end, one of the four ends of the game. I confess I got thrilled that I closed a game in one night. Then, I went to bed because I was tired. I also got a comment on my fic that made me really happy! I’m posting it in Portuguese in a Portuguese forum. It made me lost my fear of the game. Huahuahua We came to visit too the old lady’s uncle who is going to turn 100 years on July. Pretty impressive. He is well and still have a good mind. Then, we’ll road back home! This is a carambole tree. It was the first and only one I ever see since my childhood. I think it have and interesting shape. And it’s flavor is good too!


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