[BbSis’s Fanfiction] It started in a wedding | Chapter 10


Hello everyone!!!

I know it’s been a while but I’m here to show that I hadn’t given up! My life has been crazy since my last update. Resuming: college works, my grandma died, Sayaka’s graduation announcement, mom got seriously sick and needed a surgery, Mariko’s graduation announcement/graduation, and finally but not good, I was robbed two times. BUT I’m still here.

Second, I’m really grateful to everyone who voted on the poll. I actually didn’t expect so much votes!!! 130 was way beyond my imagination! Minna arigatou  ;.; *bow  As you can see, Atsumina won in first, so their part will be the largest; in second came KojiYuu; Mayuki almost got in, so I tried to compensate, but I’m sorry for the length *bow

Thank you Nori for proofreading this time o/

Replies at the end of the post :3

I hope the chapter worth all the waiting  *blush


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