[Kannazuki no Miko fanfic] Chikane’s Version (Unfinished – English)

Forgive my mistakes, it’s not proofread.

Chikane’s Version

I don’t know how it happened, I just know it happened. It was on high school times, precisely when i was on my second year. I had a secret friend. We met each other everyday on lunch time; we had fun, chatted, took photos… Well, I was the one who taught her likes for photography. We always saw each other on school grounds. I was always protecting her, I felt an urge to do so. Well, I liked her since the beginning, but it was locked up ‘with seven keys’ inside my heart. I didn’t know hat she felt for me and I didn’t took a step forward because I was afraid of losing her forever. See her smile was everything I wanted.
How we met each other was quite different. I was a very popular person and they called me princess. Like every popular person, I hadn’t have a peaceful moment; I only had it when I was on the Roses’ Garden, despite it being a place forbidden for students. I was sat on the tree’s roots when a puppy dog ran in through the bushes and jumped on my lap. Right after, a smily girl got out from the same bush looking for the puppy. She introduced herself and I did the same, and got startled… Because she had called me by my first name, though no one have never ever called me like that. She said that she would look for the puppy’s owner, and immediately i volunteered to help her out. Together we sailed to look for the owner of the dog. Halfway we stumbled and and fell on a slop of mud (it was funny), then I got a handkerchief to clean the spilled mud on her face. When I touched her face with the piece of cloth I felt something strange inside me, a warm flame consumed itself… At that moment, I couldn’t understand that. At that time, I won my first gift from her: as my hair insisted on cover my face, she arranged it with a hair-clip and said I could keep it. We found the puppy’s owner and backed home happily. Next morning, i found her on the way to school and called her out, but when she turned, she was if a sad expression and said “I’m sorry”, calling me by the name everyone used to and  ran. Then I got desperate and ran after her, calling her out. I had never ran after someone like that day. It was when I discovered what had happened inside me the day before. After that, we became secret friends.
On our sixteenth birthday day, I was planning to give a party for the two of us. Yes, our birthday are on the same day. However, the day rose black as in a solar eclipse. At first we didn’t know what it was, but then we would discover that it was a signal that an evil being would awake and had sent his disciples to kill the priestess. It was the city legend turning into reality. The legend says, shortly, that when a evil being freed himself from moon’s temple’s seal, two priestesses had to, whit a sacred sword, seal him back. To my surprise, this disciple went to the school’s dormitory’s direction, where my friend lived. I desperately wished that she was fine and ran straight to there. Upon arriving, I freaked out seeing her between the hands of that giant being, that looked like a robot, and the dormitory building shattered. I tried to make the giant release her, but it was in vain. Then I started to call her name out, then the robot seemed confused and let her fall. I caught her and noticed she wasn’t breathing. Instantly, I asked for forgiveness and opened up her blouse (I felt myself blushing), and proceeded with a ‘cardiac massage’. She restarted to breath and it relived me. I kept gazing her and in a delirious she called my name. I felt bewitched and couldn’t resist: I wished her happy birthday and kissed her. After, I felt guilty for doing it.
We found out that who was inside the giant was a boy, popular like me, the sports’ prince. He was in love for my friend… Truthfully, they were childhood friends.he decided to protect her. Now she had two people who would protect her. About me, I was the second priestess. As the dormitories were all destroyed, I took her to my own house. I wanted her to be near me. The prince called her out; she wanted to go, but had no courage, so I gave her courage and made her go. It made me sad, but if she was happy, it was enough for me. Until the day I could arrive on time for a battle, and when I saw them kissing, all the memories of my past life as a priestess returned. After seeing them, I made a decision.
I sent all my house employees to the capital. With the empty house I could think of a plan. I became on of the evil being followers. On that same night, I did what should have be done; instead of killing her, I took her purity. She had arrived happy, the prince rode her home, and she gave me a gift. I let it fell on the floor, and said  that I loved her. I grabbed her, kissed her, and she begged me to stop. I did not stop. Minutes after I finish, the prince walk in the room we were. He got terrified with the scene. I only looked at him and said it was too late, and I asked him where he was when she most needed to be saved. After that, I attacked him and left him unconscious. Do this hurt me terribly, but as far as I could see it was necessary. I left everything and went to the hideout of the followers. There, I destroyed all of them: they were seven, with the last one being the most difficult. On the following day, at twilight, i went back home and acted like nothing had happened when she came back from the temple. She was able to undo the Sacred Sword’s seal. I broke the routine, i made things for her, treated her like a princess. On sleep time she came to ask to sleep with me. On that night we slept into each other’s arms; she was so warm and smooth… I woke up early, i went to get food on our hort to our breakfast, but, when I came back I found her sat on the house’s yard, crying and calling my name. I asked what had happened: she said she was scared I had gone away again whiteout warning and hugged me. I said soothing words and asked if whatever I said, she would still love me. Yes, she said she liked me! Then I pushed her and handed out the invitation for a party I would host only for us, replacing the birthday one we didn’t had. I said it would be our last party together because I would kill her. It was about to begin the end of the bad things for both sides.
O the scheduled time, I freed the evil being, and she arrived, yet accompanied by the prince.  As I had stolen his giant robot, there was only one left to fight: the one destined to be used by the priestess against the eight. they defeated

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