Lately I’ve been off from here. I never wanted to be off from here but I just end up forgetting to make a post when I’m on my computer.

Just for the record, I went to watch The hobbit 2 yesterday with a group of friends in another city. It was a great movie and I totally feel in love with Smaug hauhauh

I dreamt about the person I love romantically. It was like we studied in the same school, with me being in the late grades. It was just we wanting to kiss and kissing each other, trying to hide from other people. We shared hungry and needy kisses. My heart already skips a beat only with the memory. Even after i wake up, I kept reviewing it in my mind. I miss her. Sometimes I wonder if she still likes me.

Closing my always short post, mom arrived at home with sad news. A woman who helped my family along the years just passed away tonight due to a fatal heart attack because of a serious fight with her son. I was shocked with the news. And I’m still stunned. I did not cry. I just don’t know what or how to feel. Though I think it affected my sleep. May god be with her.


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