My new game: Tomodachi Life

Recently, I purchased Tomodachi Life for my 3DS.  It is a life simulator game where you use Mii characters, one representing yourself and others your friends or whoever you want it to be.  I mostly put my original characters and AKB48 girls. But I have few of friends as well. Sadly, the game does no accept same sex romantic relationships, so I gender-bend a few of the AKBGirls xD As long as they look like girls, it’s fine for me LOL

In the game we can snapshot, so we can save a moment in a image. And that is amazing! There are so many funny moments to save. And I loved this resource, so I’m using it a lot. And I’ll be sharing them here :3

dance crew for harunyan
In this one, me and Sayaka were dance crew for Harunyan performance :3


4 thoughts on “My new game: Tomodachi Life”

  1. I was thinking of getting this game just to create the AKB members.

    Mr. Akimoto should create “official” Miis for all the girls, so we can easily port them over to our games.

    1. I wonder how many fans had this idea and the ones who actually put it to action XP But I guess all AKB48 fans who plays this sort of game do this hahaha

      I think that if Aki-p made an agreement with Nintendo, we wouldn’t be able to put them as couples. We would only see who they will choose for best friend. Plus, only Japan region would be able to add them.

      Btw, there is a game called AKB48+Me for 3DS where we have the girls in Mii version. Did you know that? :3

      1. Yes, I bought it new for only $8 thinking that I could find a someone with a Japanese 3ds. I just have it in my collection of AKB48 trading cards and the like.

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