It still sounds surreal

In the beginning of December a friend of mine made a facebook group because she felt like reliving the old days in yuri and yaoi forums. I missed those days too, but another try was made before and the result was another dead group. But as in every beginning, the members were really hyped about it. Everyone was posting their introductions, making interesting posts, etc. There were tons of new people, and everyone were nice. And it was in this environment that we met.

It was a craziness that sometimes happens, everyone commenting on everyone’s posts. A girl commented she liked my pic with the violin. She happened to be a girl that posted about the animes she was watching with subtexted yuri. We happened to share opinions about animes. And chatting in more than three different posts, I learned she liked classical music, Kalafina, Ali Project, and AKB48. My chin dropped. I had just found with the same tastes as me! And what surprised me more was that she knew Ali Project. And from all the people I knew because of anime, no one knew them. Only a boy in college knew them.

We then added each other. For some reason, she started to call me senpai. She explained, maybe, but I can’t remember. Probably because I’m older than her. We started to chat everyday and she was all hearts with me. As she was like this since the start, I supposed she was like this with everyone (maybe she is, I really don’t know. Maybe I should ask.) and let it go an entered in ‘heart mode’. We got along so well it surprised me.

But then something started to falter inside me. She was too perfect to be real. I mean she liked the same things as me, things I consider important. Things I can squeal about and she will squeal with me. A friend of mine said I had found my soul mate. At the time I laughed nervously, not wanting to admit what I was already feeling. I talked about her to my offline friends; every time we chatted I had a stupid smile on my face; and my heart fluttered. I felt light and in all my mind could focus was her.

And then I needed to start to vent out all my ‘frustrations’ about it. Because she was always saying things with double meanings. My first frustration was about drums. A friend replied I knew what it meant, so I explained her why was playing blind.  Then, once I said something like ‘but you like me anyways’, and she took time to reply and changed subjects. Another day talking about visiting and random stuff. And I remembered she follows me on tumblr and panicked. Then simple things like greeting me happily gets on my weak spot. One day, she offered me a massage out of the blue. Then talking about small places I teased, but she got me. Finally, the final stroke came, and cleared my vision about the matter. And at the end of the day, it happened and I happily announced the not so unexpected news.

It happened she liked me too! It made me so happy! That friend that sorta introduced her to me said we looked like Nodoka x Saki, from Saki, and the ship ended up kinda representing us. Me as Nodoka, she as Saki. She sent me mangas and songs to express her feelings. So cute! I loved it! She made me listen Avril Lavigne again hahahah I just kinda feel bad that all my favorite songs are not about love, or loving, or giggly feelings.  Some are, but the lyrics are not that cute. But I’m looking for a song to send her on the ones I like.

I asked her out asking if she wanted to be canon with me. And she said yes. And now we are more lovey-dovey. And it still totally feels surreal when I say I have a girlfriend. Just don’t get me wrong, I do love her!



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