[English][Fanfic | AKB48] Mariko’s birthday

Rascunhos Flutuantes

In a manner of date, today is Shinoda Mariko’s birthday! Happy birthday to her~

Here is my little contribution for the festivities. Hehehe

Mariko arrived at home expecting only silence, and a well deserved rest from a day of work. But as soon as she opened the door…

“Happy birthday, Marichan~” A cheeky voice greeted her joyfully. A paper-popper was popped almost near her face. The now twenty-nine-year-old woman sighed and prevented her hand to go massage her temple.
“Er… Thank you, again, Miichan…” Mariko ignored the cheerfulness of the girl and walked toward her couch and placed her purse there. She finally allowed her hand to go to the side of her head to work on easy the slight pound she started to feel. If she recalled well, she had dinner with the girl and her closest friends before leaving for a late night radio program. “Tell me why…

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