Today’s friendly date

I had a great day. Very inspiring. Yesterday I invited my friend to an art exposition, Picasso and the Spanish modernity.


We waited about two hours to get in and in the end was great! We couldn’t take pictures inside there though. Yet there were few people who insisted on doing it.
After that, we went to a tiny mirror maze, with cubism theme and took some cool pics.



We then headed to the shopping to grab some food and ended up eating at The fifties. We had onions and burger, with tangerine juice.
We got paleta as dessert, coconut with creamy brigadeiro. Then strolled at the book store.
To closet our outing, we went to watch Jurassic world. Super awesome movie. I was right about the mosasaurs. And got pissed that they didn’t fix the brachiosaurus neck position after like 20 years x.x we held hands the whole movie because I am such a klutz while watching movies xD
We took a cab home and chatted. I showed him AOA stuff basically, and watched anime.
After that, bed time.
Yep, it was a great day indeed.


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