The return of moody me.

Everything is piling up. The pressure to find a job. The pressure of silent disapproval. The pressure of the ‘no’s. The simple pure pressure of living.

And when I thought that I didn’t have a curfew because she’s not picking me up since my friends has been driving me home, I’m lectured that I am not respecting the curfew and that she should start picking me up again. That I will wake up at 1pm, but she won’t. And that the vacation is nearing its end.

It just ruined my day.

The thought that she doesn’t trust neither me nor my friends plays in my head.

I started to think I hate here. That I need to leave, that I need to vanish. That I only bring worries, disappointment and expenses. And I just hate myself for that.
And it’s not the first time this year I think I should just die and that the world is better of without me.
Silly thought, I admit. But very persistent.


Published by: BbSis

Hi! First of all: I love yuri!!! Then comes the rest: I like to read, write, listen music, draw, take photos and my violin. I am into shipping idols and characters. And I read fics for the sake of being Yuri *¬*

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3 thoughts on “The return of moody me.”

    1. Thank you. Really. Your support makes me happy :3 I still have those thoughts from time to time. And despite having them, I don’t even move a finger to put them to action.

      1. It is a good thing that you don’t put them to action. I suppose it would do you well to have someone to share problems with, just to neutralize those negative feelings and thoughts. I mean, you don’t have to go into detail about it, but I’ve learned that talking to someone helps, albeit indirectly. Just make sure that you talk to someone you can trust, someone who is open-minded enough to take in your feelings and will not bother to judge.

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