That nostalgic feeling

Today I felt like waking up back in 2013. Iwas feeling tired from being up until late; the previous night I was backing up my stuff from mom’s pc, and hers as well. It was kinda hard not to go over my old stuff on the external drive. To add on that, I went over the stuff I copied to the phone. Oh yes, my aunt gave me her old phone; it’s a pretty neat and well cared Samsung Gran 2. I’m quite thankful, it is doing kinda better than my old phone though I still need to learn how to configure it properly to fit my taste.

Anyway, the phone was bare and I copied a couple of stuff I used to listen nonstop within 2012-2014 period. As my tablet discharged while I was cleaning the kitchen with music and I left to the game in such hurry that I forgot to connect the charger, I set an alarm on the new phone. And I chose Nogizaka46’s Seifuku no mannequin. It has a nice brand starting melody that wouldn’t startle me awake. It is needless to say that this song was my alarm sound for a long time and I dare say I memorized the lyrics already and it’s going to be hard to forget it. So when the song started playing this morning I barely registered it. I was all “urgh I need to get ready for class”. I do have classes today but it’s not college. And briefly it felt like those days a few years back when I had to wake up really early but wasn’t able to sleep before 2 am. For a moment it felt like I was going down for another lecture about document management. I actually enjoyed classes and learning about the real motive of the bureau stuff people often complains about. But it was the same excitement and fun I feel every time I’m up to learn something new. 

It felt nostalgic. And I liked it.

yet it doesn’t solve the problem I have in hands.


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