About BbSis



Hi! I’m BbSis, but I also answer when called Jack o/

I’m a trying to be person. I’m trying to an Archivist; trying to be a musician; trying to be a cartunist (it’s more like a mangaka…); trying to be a writer (with not much success I admit…).

And this blog is about my things, with my opinion included xD

I like music, books, anime and mangas, take pictures, games, movies and tv series and YURI!!!! My mind is filled with yuri, so when I’m not thinking about my college works, I’m for sure thinking about two girls together. Or thinking about what to write (or draw).

I just can’t point every title I like, because it will be a long list =p

As I’m a brazilian, some posts will be in portuguese. But I have this urge to write in english, so every new thing will be in that language.

Just in case you are curious about my nick, I explain it here :3


5 thoughts on “About BbSis”

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure about what idea you have of fun, but I hope you have fun here 🙂 And of course I don’t mind a follower 😉

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