My Drawings Index

This is where I’m going to display all the draws I already posted.


  • 48 Family

Atsumina: sketch, finalized; Yuuchan (sketch); MariMii (sketch); Mariko holding a gachapin doll; WMatsui (colored version here); Takachibi + Higgachibi(my musume); Acchan + Kevin (my son); My TomoTomo Feels; Flying spinning wmidget; MariMii (on digital table); Miichan;  Sae for The cry of a lonely star

  • Anime

Van & Hitomi (Escaflowne); Ami n Makoto (Sailor Moon); Jibaku-kun (Jibaku-kun)

  • Dorama

Kai x Ray (Mendol): 1, 2Peace x Paru (Majisuka Gakuen 3); Yuuki Kai (Orange Days); Nami x Ray (Mendol)

  • Frozen

Little Elsa and even more little Anna; Elsa AU; Taking a ride with Elsa; Elsanna Drabbles lame cover #1; Elsanna random; Elsanna’s ValentineElsanna week Modern AU; Elsanna Week Birthday; Chibi Elsanna kissConsolation


  • Original characters for my writings

Oba-san teaserPam and Lara; Anna from Oba-sanDirty little secret cover; Anna n Mei from Oba-san

  • Aleatory original characters

Drunken girl (sketch); The man in a tendWaitingAffected fairy; Lonesome guy; Orange haired guy; Serious girlA good night of sleep; I dressed up for you…; AV inspired; Vamp

  • Sketches

1The testMusume Higgs; Lame tablet guyTwo girls; Cute boy; Random guy; First try on Paint tool SAI

  • For RPG

Orenor, the stupid elf.;

  •  Self

Needy meMy tired self


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